After 6 years, Mike Robertson is coming back to vigorground


18th-19th june 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Who else wants to write superior programs, coach with laser-like precision, and have the systems to get amazing results with every single client and athlete they train?

Learn Mike's proven coaching and program design systems to get better results, make more money, and have more free time…all packed in a 2-days intense live seminar at VigorGround!

About the seminar

While it may not sound sexy, everything starts with understanding breathing and anatomy.

But rather than giving you boring, textbook definitions of muscle origins and insertions, Mike will focus on the stuff that truly matters.

  • How can altered breathing negatively impact athleticism, movement and performance?
  • What anatomy do you really need to know to write effective programs?
  • And how can a better understanding of both improve your ability to craft the perfect program ?

This is the 30,000-foot view of writing programs – the big picture.

When it comes to writing quality programs, there's the “stuff that's cool to know,” then there are the foundational, underlying principles that you MUST KNOW to get results.

This module is short, but it raises some key questions you need to be asking yourself:

  • What is your vision for your client? Both short and long-term?
  • Who are YOU checking boxes for when writing programs?
  • And how can you write a program that simultaneously blends THEIR wants with YOUR needs?

While they may seem simple at first glance, these are questions you'll find yourself asking every time you write a new program.

The R7 system is used across the globe, from successful gen pop gyms to elite professional facilities and everything in between. Now it's the system you'll use to design every program you write in the future!

Not only does the R7 system give you a framework to build successful programs off of, but I go into painstaking detail to show you how to make the most out of every program.

Whether it's manipulating sets and reps, dialling in tempo and time under tension, improving your ability to write conditioning programs, or simply making your entire program fluid and cohesive, if you start using this template to write programs, it will be worth the cost of the certification ten times over.

Do you know how subtle changes in a program can positively (or negatively) impact your results?

What happens when that rest period in your fat loss program consistently runs a little long?

What happens if you aren't working as intensely as you should in a hypertrophy phase?

Or what if all the elements of your program aren't aligned and congruent with each other?

In this module, I'll explain how all the pieces of a program have to fit together to achieve a goal and give you specific examples to clarify how to write an elite level program for virtually any client or athlete.

This is a fun module where I highlight six of my favourite coaches and explain one key aspect that has made them successful over their careers.

With fun stories about guys like Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman, Lee Taft and Dan John, I'll do my best to sell you why emulating these high-quality coaches could be one of the best things you do for your career.

Many people talk about the X's and O's of coaching, but how much thought goes into running a high-quality training session?

This section can help you deliver high-quality training sessions, from preparing to do your homework before the session to determine whether you should use internal or external cues!

This module is short and sweet, but we cover three areas that are of critical importance for all trainers and coaches:

  1. Creating Rapport,
  2. Showing Empathy, and
  3. Client Engagement

You could be the best X's and O's coach on the planet, but if you're not doing these three things, you will struggle mightily to get the success you (and your clients/athletes) deserve.

How do you introduce a new exercise to a client or athlete?

Why should you create context when introducing a new lift into your program?

And what coaching angles are best for cuing and maximizing results?

In this module, we get down to the nitty-gritty details regarding coaching and give you the tools necessary to make a massive impact on how your people move and feel.

In this module, I break it all down for you – from how to coach and cue specific lifts to ways you can seamlessly progress or regress someone based on how they're moving.

Here's an overview of all the various exercise sections covered:

  • Squatting
  • Half-Kneeling and Split-Stance
  • Step-ups
  • Single-Leg Squats
  • Horizontal Reaching
  • Horizontal Rowing
  • Vertical Rowing
  • Prone anti-extension core training variations
  • Anti-rotation core training variations
  • Deadlifting
  • Lunges
  • Single-Leg RDL's
  • Integrated Knee Flexion
  • Horizontal Pressing
  • Vertical Pressing
  • Supine Anti-Extension core training variations
  • Anti-lateral flexion core training variations

In each section, you'll get a thorough breakdown of the movement model and how you should be coaching/cueing the lifts, but a detailed breakdown of how Mike coach and cues every progression and regression (over 113 in all!).

When I first released the certification, people LOVED the content – but they wanted an assessment process to bring everything together.

The initial assessment with a client or athlete sets the tone for everything else you do, so in this section, you'll learn exactly how I start things off.

  • What questions do you ask to determine not only WHAT their goals are but WHY they're important to them?
  • How do you make someone feel comfortable with you as quickly as possible?
  • What assessments should you be doing to help you write the best program?
  • How does the assessment differ between online and offline clients?
  • How do you take someone from prospect to paying client?

In this section, you'll learn my 3-step process to assessments, and perhaps most importantly, you'll know EXACTLY what exercises to give them in their first program.

This section is an absolute game-changer, and it's going to make your assessment process a piece of cake!

Mike Robertson

About the presenter

Since Mike opened the doors in 2008, IFAST has been named one of the Top 10 Gyms in America numerous times over by Men's Health magazine and recognized as a Women's Fitness Award winner by Women's Health.

And during that time, he has been lucky to train everyone from NBA and MLS All-Stars to gen pop clients who want to build muscle or shed body fat.

If you know anything about Mike, you know it pains him to tell you all of this. He hates talking about himself or listing off all of his accomplishments. But he shares this with you because while he has been very successful over his career, he didn't start that way.

Because his life, and his career, changed drastically when he started investing in himself. And he knows it can be the same way for you. But here's one thing they don't tell you – you have to invest in the right things.

Nowadays, any pretty face with toned arms or a nice set of abs can tell you "the best way to train." But the fact of the matter is, many of those "Instagram trainers" have never coached anyone a day in their life!

When you invest in the "Complete Coach Certification" seminar, you're investing not only in yourself but in a system backed by 20 years of the trenches experience, with a proven track record with clients and athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it's scaling intensity, outlining and mapping out a long-term program, or manipulating a training session based on how a client is feeling, if you don't follow these core principles, you will NEVER see the success that you should.

When we start as coaches, we all have lacked. And we have been frustrated and confused about laying out a training program that will help our clients and athletes get results.

But that's also why Mike is the perfect person to help you – because behind those struggles and beyond those mistakes, he has created a training system that can help YOU get real results with every client and athlete you train.

And that's the goal of this certification – to give you the tools necessary to become the most awesome trainer or coach you can be and help you make more money and enjoy more time off in the process.

What others are saying about mike’s work

Before learning from Mike, we had different ways of programming and multiple templates – and our clients didn’t quite understand the point of each phase of our programs. Now we have a streamlined process and common language that all of our coaches use and that clients actually understand. It’s made it easier to give our coaches a way to program – which has helped get our young coaches up to speed much faster.

Andy Mccloy

I have been working as a sport scientist/ strength and conditioning coach in professional football (soccer) in the UK for the last 6 years. I have taken things I’ve either heard or read from you and applied it to my own practice and the athletes I’ve been working with, including players in the English premier league, with great success. You are a true inspiration to all us “younger” coaches.

Erik Svendsen

I have been using the R7 method to write all of my programs for 7 years. It’s the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand method I have encountered. I use it for all my clients, and teach it to any new trainer that I hire.

Steve Hendry

Mike’s system has cleared up my communication with my clients and increase both myself and my clients understanding of what the true objectives of each movement is. The system is flexible and can be utilized with every client.

Steven Davis
Director of Peak Performance

I have gained confidence in my ability to program effective programs for all populations. By taking a few RTS courses I learned more applicable concepts than when I studied Health & Fitness in college. I have drastically decreased my time programming which has allowed me to focus more on being a wife, mom and build better relationships with our clients. Our athletes are moving more efficiently and their bodies are being transformed, making them crave the next training session.

Courtney Dels

As an owner of a training facility, I need to keep myself and my staff’s knowledge up to par with the latest applied knowledge pertaining to functional anatomy. Mike’s systems always put you in a position of learning and applying the latest concepts and give you a firm base at which to build out your programs for your clients.

I have been in the game 9 years and always turn to Mike when I’m looking to upgrade my gray matter. If you are struggling to wade through all the info you encounter out there, give yourself 2 legs to stand on and get this course. You will be light years ahead by the time you are through and even more so as you apply it Monday morning.

Thomas Gian Ardito

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18th-19th june 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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