Joel Jamieson BioForce certification course

Discover the truth about conditioning and the real keys to maximizing it from industry leading conditioning expert Joel Jamieson. In this information-packed two day course, an entirely new approach to conditioning will be covered. As a Certified Conditioning Coach, you'll get exclusive instruction on cutting-edge tools and methods guaranteed to revolutionize conditioning.

Certification Agenda

This two day intensive course will cover every major aspect of conditioning and is designed around a fundamentally new way of understanding conditioning as a result of the connection between the brain, the body and the environment. The focus is on application, not just on theory.

A variety of effective training methods and assessments will be covered in detail and you will get experience working through the process of writing effective conditioning programs through case study examples. This is a course for coaches and trainers that take training seriously and are committed to being at the top of the field.

Get ready for two information packed days of conditioning and come ready to learn!

Module 1: An Integrated Model of Conditioning

Explore the connection between the brain, the body and the environment and how it relates to conditioning

Module 2: The Conditioned Body

The essentials of energy production and metabolic processes, soft tissues and their role in the transmission of force

Module 3: The Conditioned Brain

The role of the brain in the context of motor control, fatigue and processing of sensory information provided by the environment

Module 4: Testing & Assessment

How to test and assess fitness and conditioning levels based on individual training goals, genetics and sport

Module 5: Conditioning Methods

An in-depth look at conditioning methodology and when to use different methods depending on the time of year

Module 6: Programming Principles

General conditioning programming principles including the concept of specificity in exercise selection and program design

Module 7: Year Round Planning

A detailed discussion of how to structure the annual training plan based on the specific demands of the competitive season

Module 8: Team Sports Conditioning

The specific requirements for team sports conditioning and how to build the model to drive the training process

Module 9: Combat/Tactical Sports

Keys to developing a high level of work capacity and achieving the right balance of strength, power and the ability to maintain it

Module 10: Endurance Sports

Selection of appropriate training methods and building volume and intensity to improve conditioning for endurance sports

Module 11: Program Management

How to effectively monitor, track and manage training programs for each and every individual you train

Here's What You Get When You Become a Certified Coach

Course Workbook

More than 100 pages of exclusive content and material available only to coaches that go through the course

Private Community Access

Get access to the Certified Coaches private Facebook group and discuss conditioning and other training related topics with the community

Certificate of Completion

Receive the world's only Conditioned Coach Certification, delivered to you upon completing the full two day course

Discounts on Future Courses

All certified coaches will receive exclusive 10-25% discounts on all future courses and continuing education programs

Excel Conditioning Tool

Downloadable custom excel spreadsheet designed to make evaluation and assessment of conditioning easier and faster than ever

Priority email support

Receive priority personal email support within 24 hours for all conditioning related topics and questions after the course


7. 10. and 8. 10. 2017, 9:00 - 17:00


VigorGround, sports centre Litostrojska 56 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia view on a map


Early bird (by 10. 9. 2017): 495 EUR Full price: 595 EUR

How to register?

If you would like to register, please write to with your name, address, organization and telephone number (or several names if you are registering on behalf of a group). After you register, you will receive an e-mail with payment details. We will be providing information on accommodation, travel and entertainment in Ljubljana as per request. Please write to if you require any assistance in this regard.


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