Luka Hocevar is back in Slovenia

Live 1-day ELITE EFFORT event

Saturday, 10th september 2022 (9:00 - 16:00), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Unlock the next level of performance and profits in your fitness business and life. All packed in a 1-day intense event at VigorGround!

Luka Hočevar

About the seminar

At VigorGround, we build our business around the 6 C's, which are (1) Coaching, (2) Customer Experience, (3) Culture, (4) Content, (5) Communication (Marketing) and (6) Conversion in Cash (Sales).

We teach the first three C's in our Mentorship program so that Luka will be 100% focused on the second part of the VigorGround equation.

You will learn the last 3 C's to dominate

  • Content
  • Communication (Marketing)
  • Conversion in Cash (Sales)

The breakdown

  • Gym Business from A-Z on how to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. Business by numbers, systems, operations, and simple structure.
  • 7 Steps guaranteed to drive qualified leads into your Gym at a blistering pace (be ready to level up!)
  • How to become your local TV & Newspaper "Fitness Expert" (it's not as difficult as you think, and we have a system!)
  • Luka's social media domination program (how to gain followers by creating content that people are truly craving).
  • How to dominate Google & become the GO-TO Gym in your area.
Luka Hočevar

About the presenter

Luka owns Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Seattle, WA, which is our location in the US.

VigorGround in Seattle and Ljubljana are recognized as leaders in coaching in each respective country, cumulatively coaching and transforming over 8,000 clients in total since 2006. He's personally coached over 3,000 clients from the highest level professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, College and high school, rehab patients with many different types of injuries/conditions, and clients from every walk of life looking to achieve looking, feeling, and performing better. His Mindset and Training Strategies are for those that are tired of shit that doesn't work... Those committed to ruthless results from education backed by science and real-world results!

Your investment

Stop wasting your time trying to do everything yourself!

We understand how frustrating it is to put your all in but still come short.

The Fitness Business Game is unforgiving and requires a ton of focused work to build a strong foundation that will survive long term.

This special event will help you to create a sustainable business that is built to last!


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VigorGround, sports centre

Anything regarding the event – email our event coordinator Žiga Urh directly at

Litostrojska 56, Ljubljana

+386 70 855 355

Register and join Luka Hočevar for a 1-day event hosted at VigorGround facility in Ljubljana!

10th september 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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